A weekend in Hayward

Rachael stayed with some friends at a small AirBnb in Hayward Wisconsin recently. She liked it so much, she booked it again for her and I to stay at. This time, we’d bring Kima too!

The cabin is not rustic at all…except for the lack of running water. We had to pump water and fill up buckets from an old well outside. Other than that, the cabin was modern with electricity and high-speed internet, which was needed, as I still had to work for one day.

We had been to Hayward for short day-trips, but this was the first time we got to spend a weekend in the area. We did a few hikes, but rain soon spoiled one of them. However, on our last day, we got to hike to a beautiful area called St. Peter’s Dome Natural Area. It was stunning to think that this view and this waterfall existed in Northern Wisconsin.

The waterfall cascaded down granite and looked more like it belonged in Costa Rica:

Kima was a very good hiker. We ended up doing about five miles, but by the end of it, it was taking a toll on the old pup. We were sure to give her a pain pill when we got home her hips didn’t hurt so much. Fortunately, the hike was shaded the entire time by a beautiful canopy so she didn’t overheat!

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