Keeping busy during COVID-19

Well, we’re in the midst of this pandemic along with the rest of the world. These are crazy times. Fortunately for Rachael and I, we’re weathering the storm well.

First, we’re both fortunate that we have jobs that are flexible enough to let us work from home. Rachael is teaching 100% from home; no going to school for her. Richard is working 80/20% home/work. He goes into the office when it is slow to catch up on things that can only be done there.

We’ve been taking the social-distancing rules to heart, and we’ve had a friend make us a few masks. We both have been wearing them when we go out. Rachael also stock-piled hand sanitizer before all this really hit hard, and she’s even figured out how to make our own.

Richard got a new e-bike that he has been using to commute around town like to the grocery store or Menard’s for essential items.

The pets–especially Kima–are the only ones who are “happy” about us being at home all the time. She’s got lots of yard time, walks, and lots of extra scratches because we’re in the house more with her than we would be during our normal work schedule. The kitties, on the other hand, aren’t as happy to have us in their domain all day long…

When we’re not working, we’ve been slowly chipping away at cleaning projects like the garage and neglected closets. There’s also been a lot of TV-watching. Fortunately, “Better Call Saul” and “Last Week Tonight” are back on, and we even started re-watching the “Back to the Future” series.

We’ll continue to do our part to keep our community safe, by adhering the to the CDC’s guidelines for virus safety and hope that everyone’s lives can get back to normal soon.

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