Making the Most of Winter

First, a very belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Last winter, we spent Christmas in Florida with lots of family. This winter, we had a quiet “zoom” Christmas. We made a big dinner and packed half up for Rachael’s parents like we did at Thanksgiving. It’s not the same, but it worked out well. We opened presents together virtually with Rachael’s parents and then had a fun group video call with Richard’s family. It was still a good holiday season, but we don’t want it to always be so quiet.

We have tried to stay busy, which hasn’t actually been too hard. We spent our anniversary up the North Shore at a cabin we have rented before. The scenery is always post-card perfect and we are always able to really relax. We did some hiking, and Rachael walloped Richard in cribbage for the first time ever. He got her back in SkipBo, though!

We spent New Year’s on an evening snowshoe hike through a local state park with good friends and their children. We have been out a few more times, but Richard has a higher tolerance for colder weather than Rachael does. He’s been out cross country and downhill skiing, too. Rachael has been snuggling kitties.

We are really hoping summer brings us opportunities to travel safely. It was hard for two travel bums to miss out on a whole year of getaways and time with family. While we are actually proud of the opportunities we have found to spend time together exploring our region, we are looking forward to meeting our Goddaughter in California soon and hoping for an early spring. Rachael is already dreaming about getting into the garden. Richard is hoping for more snow.

Things haven’t been the same, but we have been very fortunate to have a good team in one another and our incredible friends and family who are always there for us.

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