Waiting for the summer…

We’ve been teased a few times with warm weather. Richard is a winter sports guy (he loves skiing and snow-shoeing, and just got into skate skiing) but even he’s excited to sit outside in the sun.

We’ve started planting our garden (peas and onions so far), and we’ve got our butterfly garden going, too. We’re going to try setting up a screen house so we can sit outside and not be bugged by…bugs.

We’ve been watching lots of birds in the yard and have even started “bird watching.” Rachael hung up quite a few bird feeders in the yard and it’s attracting all sorts of interesting tweeters.

Between the gardens, bird feeders, and our natural fauna in the yard, Rachael went ahead and registered our yard as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. It’s a cute way to say that we’re animal-friendly in our neighborhood. We hope maybe the word will spread around and more animals will come visit us 🙂

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